Web and Browser Access Request Form

You can request access to the following. Your request will be reviewed and researched by the technology team to ensure safety, security, and compatibility with our network and infrastructure.

  • Google Login – This request allows access to your account information and grants you access to other websites. This is a big convenience when signing up for new websites. Many sites will allow you to sign up or create an account with an email address. Email signup might be an alternative option if the Google Sign approval is declined.
  • Website Access – A website can be blocked or unblocked. You will be able to select which action is desired. Sites that we cannot unblock include Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other paid services.
  • Chrome Extension or Application – This request allows you to install a browser extension which adds additional functionality or tools as you use your browser. An example of this is the Kami extension in your browser.

Use this form to request access.